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Pharmaceutical Disposal

The Federal Government as well as many States are designing laws to regulate the disposal of Pharmaceuticals. Soon medical facilities will no longer be able to flush medications because of the impact on our environmental system.


Medway offers Illinois Pharmaceutical Returns and Disposal for NON-RICRA medications.

With the ever-changing regulatory requirements associated with healthcare products, it is important to have a pharmaceutical returns comany that can handle all aspects of pharmaceutical recalls and returns and provide you with risk prevention and financial recovery solutions.

The Medway "PRP" program is simple, safe and complies with current and future legislation! 

We provide the boxes, liners, inventory sheets, shipping, labels, tape and insurance for one price per box.  All you do is fill, inventory and ship!  The Medway "PRP" Program helps to eliminate theft and saves our environment.  We provide tracking of your shippment and a certificate of distruction. This system is safer than flushing and cheaper.

Price per box:  $65.00

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