Your Medical and Infectious Waste Removal Solution

Sharps Disposal

Did you know that if your company uses sub-standard sharps containers to dispose sharps your company may be liable to lawsuits in the event of an employee getting injured?


Medway is committed to helping keep people safe from accidental needle sticks through our sharps disposal services. We provide sharps disposal services and containers for hospitals, MDs, DDS, communities and home sharps users.

The Medway Sharps Management Service combines safety, convenience and environmental responsibility. It not only reduces the risk of needle sticks to your staff, but also prevents thousands of tons of plastic and corrugated material from accumulating in landfills. In addition, our disposal services are available for a fixed monthly rate, making it more cost efficient than most disposable container systems



Medway Services safely and securely helps facilities dispose of dental amalgam that is a potential health hazard.  Amalgam waste is generated by a dentist when he or she fills cavities, restores teeth, or pulls a filled tooth.  This composite is typically one half mercury and the other half consists of silver, tin and copper. Small amounts of zinc, indium, palladium or cadmium may also be included. Storing amalgam waste in a closed container for recycling is the recommended method of management. Medway provides a tracking device and certificate of destruction for your facility to keep your work place safe.